You Need Legal Help If You Have Been In A Denver Auto Accident

It is not hard to believe that cars hit over 75,000 people each year according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It seems like everyone knows a friend or relative that has been in a serious car accident. You need legal help if you have been in a Denver auto accident.

Car accidents do a tremendous amount of damage. Victims can suffer from brain injury, skull fractures, broken bones and nerve damage. Four common injuries result from car accidents. They are whiplash, and injuries to the head, back and chest:

  • Whiplash takes place most often when a car is hit in the rear. The injured person’s head snaps back and forth. Whiplash leads to other problems like joint dysfunction and herniated discs.
  • Head injuries are very common injuries from car accidents. The injured person’s head can hit side windows, the steering wheel, the windshield or other surfaces.
  • Back injuries are also very common. Even though the back is up against the seat, it is a very sensitive area of the body. In high-impact collisions, many people get back injuries from the impact. Nerve damage and herniated discs are common results.
  • While chest injuries are not as common as the other injuries, they are reported often. Many people still do not wear seat-belts and some seat-belts do not operate efficiently. As a result, bruises and broken bones are some of the most common chest injuries.

Other injuries that result from car accidents are related to the hand, wrist, shoulders and arms. When a car is hit, people instinctively grip the steering wheel or another part of the inside of the car. This can result in shoulder injuries like rotator cuff problems or even fractured bones.

The result of all of these injuries is traumatic. Victims lose income and must endure weeks or months of physical therapy. There are usually significant medical bills that need to be handled as well as dealing with extensive insurance company paperwork.

You have rights as an individual that must be protected. If you are the victim of a Denver auto accident, you should speak with a qualified injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident. In this way, you can determine if you are eligible for compensation.