Understanding the Legal Elements of a “Slip and Fall” Accident

One of the most common types of accidents experienced by people in the state of Colorado is what oftentimes is referred as a “slip and fall” accident. Of course, oftentimes a person slips, falls and is injured in his or her own home. However, with alarming frequency, Coloradoans slip and fall in other locations as well, including at stores and in other places of businesses.

If you, or a family member, sustain injuries arising out of a slip and fall accident at a store, or some other type of business establishment, you may wonder whether and how the owner of that enterprise may be responsible for providing compensation for those injuries. Colorado law establishes some criteria to determine when a business is responsible for compensating a person for injuries sustained on the business premises.

In order for a business to be responsible for injuries sustained because of a slip and fall injuries on the premises, you need to be able to demonstrate one of three different sets of facts.

First, the business will be responsible for your injuries if you can show that the owner of the business, or one of its employees, was the cause of the spill, damage to the floor or other condition at the premises that caused you to slip and fall.

Second, the business will be responsible for your slip and fall injuries if someone else who is not an employee caused a spill, damage to the floor or other condition that caused the accident and failed to correct the defect or problem.

Finally, the business will be held responsible or liable for your injuries is a dangerous condition exists at the premises (including a wet floor) that a reasonable person would have known about and would have corrected.

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