When to Make a Statement Following an Accident

If you have been injured as the result of the negligence of another person, including as the result of an automobile accident, odds are you will be called upon to make a statement (or more than one statement). With that in mind, you need to understand when you should and should not make a statement if you have been injured as the result of the negligence of someone else.

The key to determining whether or not you should make a statement following an accident is considering who is requesting that you make one. If your own insurance company requests that you make a statement relating to an accident and your injury, you need to comply. However, if the other party’s insurance company requests a statement from you, do not agree.

In fact, Colorado law includes a provision that prevents the use in court proceedings of a statement you may make to the other person’s insurance company if it is provided within 15 days of an accident. Although this Colorado law does provide an injured person some protections, the best course to take when it comes to the aftermath of an accident caused because of someone else’s negligence is hiring a qualified Colorado personal injury lawyer.

Many people delay in retaining the services of a Colorado personal injury attorney, believing that they can handle more immediate matters associated with an accident. In fact, although an insurance company for the person who caused the accident may wait 15 days before seeking a statement, representatives of the company will not delay in attempting to hamper or limit your claim.

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