Understanding an Insurance Company’s Case Evaluation Process

You must understand two important facts about insurance companies if you or a member of your family have sustained a personal injury and now need to make a claim. First, the typical large insurance company processes thousands of claims seeking compensation each and every year. Second, insurance companies do not – do not – like paying claims. Indeed, an insurance company’s number one priority is to make money for their shareholders (or minimize expenses incurred for members if the insurer is what is known as a mutual company).

With this in mind, as an individual making a claim against an insurance company, you need to have a basic understanding of the “risk analysis” an insurer undertakes in deciding when and for how much to settle a case. A number of factors come into play in this regard.

An insurance company examines the facts surrounding the incident that gave rise to the injuries in the first instance. Liability (or responsibility) for the injuries sustained are clearer in some cases than they are in others.

An insurance company also analyzes all laws that may have a bearing on a particular claim (as well as previous cases that may have a bearing on how your own matter will be resolved should the case proceed to trial).

Another crucial factor in an insurance company’s risk analysis is whether you have retained a Colorado personal injury attorney. Moreover, if you retained a lawyer, the insurance company also specifically considers which Colorado personal injury lawyer you actually engaged. The fact is that “not all personal injury attorneys are created equally.” The experience, reputation for success and tenacity of an individual attorney or law firm factors in on the willingness of an insurance company to settle a claim – and settle a claim for an appropriate amount – in order to avoid facing such a lawyer in a trial setting.

The lawyers at Harding & Associates have precisely the kind and extent of experience that make insurance companies not only take notice but to closely consider the risks involved in going to trial. Our attorneys are available to meet with you if you have suffered a personal injury and can be reached at 800-878-7888 or 303-762-9500. There is no charge for an initial consultation.