Car Accidents and the Statute of Limitations


The aftermath of a car accident represents what oftentimes is best described as a life altering experience. If you find yourself in such a position, you likely face physical injuries, pain and suffering and perhaps even permanent physical damage. You also may find yourself juggling medical bills and not being able to work.

On top of all of these significant problems, concerns and issues, you face tremendous legal challenges as well. The reality is that even pursuing what seems like a very obvious claim for damages and injuries can seem like (and actually turn in to ) an insurmountable task.

As a Colorado resident, if you find yourself pursuing a claim for injuries and damages with an insurance company, you must understand a provision in Colorado law known as the statute of limitations.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

At its essence, the statute of limitations is law that establishes a specific time period in which you must file a lawsuit to recover compensation for damages and injuries you sustained as the result of the negligence of another motorist. This type of lawsuit typically is referred to as a personal injury case.

Pursuant to the terms of the Colorado statute of limitations, a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident generally must be filed within three years of the accident. If you fail to file a lawsuit within this three year time period, you more than likely will be forever precluded from obtaining compensation for your losses, even if your injuries are very serious. (Other types of personal injury cases must be filed within two years.)

Legal Representation

When all is said and done, the best course of action for you to take to ensure that you fully protect your rights and interests is retaining a capable, experienced Colorado personal injury lawyer. A Colorado personal injury attorney understands the elements of the law, including how to comply with the requirements of the statute of limitations.

The law firm of Harding & Associates focuses its practice on assisting clients in personal injury cases. This includes providing representation to people injured in auto accidents because of the negligence of careless drivers.

The attorneys at Harding & Associates do not charge for an initial consultation. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling 303-762-9500 or 800-878-7888, or emailing us at, to schedule an appointment.

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