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The United States Government and the State of Colorado have enacted laws to protect employees in many different ways. One of these laws insures that employees can go to work without the fear of being sexually harassed. Sexual harassment can take on many different forms including unwanted touching, sexual comments or jokes, display of sexual images and even denying promotions or work conditioned upon sexual favors.

In short, sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual activity by a co-worker or supervisor that creates a hostile work environment for an individual employee or group of employees. Employers are obligated to vigorously enforce sexual harassment laws. Employees have every right to expect relief from harassment when reported, and for employers to conduct their workplace environment in a manner that demands and requires dignity and respect for all employees.

Sexual harassment in the work place is an extremely stressful and emotional issue that needs to be addressed. The attorneys at Harding & Associates are highly qualified to handle your case from beginning to end. We offer an initial no fee, no obligation consultation to help you understand your rights and give you options to stop the harassment, or hold those responsible liable. It is very important for victims of sexual harassment to act immediately due to the stringent time frames that are built into these work place laws.

While many variations exist on the same essential theme, EEOC's definition of sexual harassment is likely to be given great weight by courts, since it is the investigating agency set up by Congress to enforce federal law against sexual harassment. That definition is:

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