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"Phil Harding worked on a case for my mother. She was hit by a driver while crossing on a crosswalk and I knew I would have to find an experienced attorney for her. Of all the attorneys I interviewed for my mom while she was recovering from her accident, I knew I had to find one that had the best interest in not settling too soon with insurance companies, that's why we chose Phil. He helped us understand the legal process for personal injury and accidents and informed us of all her options. With his advice we waited to make sure my mother had all her medical treatments were exhausted to help build up her case for a settlement. He did not hesitate to for anything we requested and we felt he was on her side the whole time. We would highly recommend Phil Harding because he advocated for us and fought to make sure the insurance didn't take our requests lightly."

From SS

"Since my car accident in 2009, Jeff Kelley and Phil Harding have worked on my case. They were able to get me an initial settlement for the full amount from the person who caused the accident. They then were able to get me more money from my own insurance which I was surprised with, but because they were so awesome they got me this additional money. They were always available for me, they would check up on me and how I was doing and even found a place for me to get treatment. My mom could not find people to treat me, then Jeff got me great medical treatment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great attorneys who you can always reach and trust."

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"Phil Harding is unequivocally one of the finest attorneys in Colorado; I wholeheartedly recommend him."

"Phil Harding, the recipient of numerous accolades and awards during his twenty-plus years of practice (including Life membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum; his long-standing recognition as a "Super Lawyer" (2012-2013, current); and his inclusion in Colorado's"Top Trial Lawyers" for the past four years, excels in his profession. Clearly, Attorney Harding is dedicated to the scholarly and practical pursuits of justice. For example, he is current in his field--creative, well-versed; and unerringly professional. Accordingly, Phil Harding is a brilliant legal mind.

Moreover, Phil Harding is a man of compassion and integrity . He is an unflinching Advocate for his clients, for whom he represents with an innate passion, skill, and finesse that reveals the empathetic individual imbuing the intellectually rigorous litigator . As one client reviewer notes, Attorney Harding"contacted me within minutes after I first got in touch with him." My experience as Phil Harding's client is strikingly similar--as I suspect so many of his clients' narratives are. Attorney Harding avails himself to each client on a continual basis of 24/7. His responsiveness and unerring familiarity with the most minute details of my case are greatly reassuring.

When one's health greatly diminishes, whether it be suddenly or progressively, a seasoned attorney possessing compassionate sensibilities understands the complexities of such a loss and the consequential loss of identity and Voice and a grave sense of disempowerment that diminished health--and its very real struggles--that are bound to arise. Attorney Harding 's experience, knowledge, responsiveness, and the very real commitment he brought to every aspect of my case testifies to Phil Harding's deft ability to prioritize--and personalize--my case at all times, despite what I suspect must be a demanding case load. He always treated me with the utmost dignity and respect. Moreover, unlike other firms, Phil speaks directly to each client, rather than assigning a Case Manager in order to better communicate and facilitate stated objectives and needs.

Last and most important, Attorney Harding does not inundate his clients with an exhaustive array of redundant, frivolous documents to be completed by the client.

As always, when he and I spoke (with responsive regularity), I knew I had chosen the best attorney to faithfully serve as my Advocate, as my Voice, when i most desperately needed one the most. Moreover ,Phil Harding's representation enabled me to get on with the process of adapting to my "new life" and the very real challenges ahead of me.

In short , Attorney Harding's pursuit of justice; his dedication to rectifying unjust wrongs; his commitment to his clients; and his empathetic professionalism indicate that in every sense, Phil Harding is a man of integrity, and a prince among his peers."

"Phil Harding contacted me minutes after I first got in touch with him. He was very kind, understanding and offered me the information that I needed immediately. Not only was Phil Harding a highly skilled and knowledgeable attorney, but he was also a compassionate human being. I would definitely recommend Phil Harding to anyone seeking an extraordinary legal expert."

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Verdicts Harding and Associates Attorneys at Law
$5,000,000.00 judgment on theft/fraud

$4,000,000.00 verdict on a wrongful death/premises liability case

$3,000,000.00 jury verdict wrongful death claims

$2,000,000.00 settlement on bicycle auto injury

$1,900,000.00 judgment breach of duty

$750,000.00 settlement on malpractice/negligence claim

$650,000.00 settlement on automobile injury

$520,000.00 reversal of insurance denial

$400,000.00 settlement on pedestrian injury

$400,000.00 settlement on car/scooter injury

$400,000.00 settlement breach of duty

$395,000.00 settlement employment dispute

$350,000.00 settlement on automobile injury

$330,000.00 settlement in premises liability claim

$325,000.00 settlement slip and fall

$300,000.00 settlement on motor vehicle injury

$250,000.00 settlement slip and fall

$250,000.00 settlement motor vehicle injury

$225,000.00 settlement on sexual assault

$200,000.00 settlement on motor vehicle injury

$200,000.00 settlement disability/insurance denial

Harding and Associates Attorneys at Law
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Harding and Associates Attorneys at Law

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Harding and Associates Attorneys at Law

Phil Harding Top Trial Laywer

Top 100 Seal Phil Harding has been named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Colorado eight years in a row.

Million Dollar AdvocatePhil Harding is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Harding and Associates Attorneys at Law

Watch Channel 7 Article on $4,000,000 Verdict

September 24, 2010

A six year old boy fell into a man made pond located at an apartment complex in Denver. After a pre trial final offer of only $57,000.00, a Denver Jury awarded plaintiffs 4 million dollars and attributed zero contributory negligence...


Harding and Associates Attorneys at Law

Read in the Denver Post about the $3,000,000 Verdict

March 2, 2004

Two students died in a car crash in Littleton, Colorado. There were full policy limits paid to the parents of these children from the car insurance. The parents brought suit against the liquor store that sold liquor to the driver...